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Written by Paul J Bucknell on October, 28, 2023
Prayer Letter #387

Here and There

Dear Prayer Partners,

Thank you for your many prayers. God has given grace.

  • The Lord gave grace and a mini-message to Paul, enabling him to share at his Mom’s funeral. I was surprised but comforted by the number of people that came to pay their respects. 
  • Linda got a surprise report from her heart specialist yesterday. He said he doesn’t need to see her anymore! (The ICD implant’s battery will last 13 years.)
  • Elias, Christy, and family moved into their new rental and are glad to have sold their home. 

We appreciate being back home. After attending a great pastors’ conference, Paul set his mind to finish a two-year book project: An Examination of Our Theological Conclusions. He had another breakthrough this week on this significant, challenging book. But his mind and prayers must leap back and forth to distant places on the globe (other than war places).

  • Pastor David, caught in the mountains of Burma for a month due to the war, finally could return to his church and orphanage. He requested access to our online digital libraries since their internet was down. Paul asked him to pass it on to others. We have numerous new books, including a few Burmese ones.
  • We have completed nine sessions of the Indian pastors Zoom seminar, but the final one has been delayed due to my traveling and technical difficulties. They want Paul to continue teaching the pastors there on other subjects.
  • Pastor Jagannath wants Paul to assist him in reaching the Bengali people through various means still on the drawing board.
  • Pastor Richard in north Burma (Myanmar) recently invited me to teach in the discipleship seminar but today asked prayer because war has broken out not far from him. This is a first for the far northern region near China.
  • Pastor D. in India was beaten up badly for preaching the Gospel. Pray for healing and spiritual strength. The police are unwilling to help.

The Church's Mightiest Weapon Released


  • Paul and Linda saw wonderful answers to prayer for the time with his Mom, family, and friends.
  • The Overcoming Anxiety Zoom training has been very helpful to the Indian pastors, who have never heard of such teaching. It is helping them in their lives, marriages, and ministries.
  • Paul and Linda are so happy to receive the “I don’t need to see you again” from the arrhythmia specialist. She is doing well.


  • Paul will preach Nov 5th at the local Chinese church (in English).
  • Paul would love to finish the draft of this book by the end of November. Still much to do.
  • Pray for Israel and the many believers in difficult places like Myanmar (Burma).
  • Paul is completing the fifth article in a series on Antichrist
  • He needs wisdom to prepare for an upcoming BFF Board meeting, involvement with reaching Bengalis, and next year’s schedule.

Rev. Paul J. Bucknell, President, Author, and Instructor

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