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Abiding in Christ: Walking with Jesus

Abiding in Christ: Walking with Jesus

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Explore how and what happened when Jesus took the author for a walk with Him! He is waiting to take you along too for this fantastic–never boring–journey.

How it all started

I never planned on writing this book. It was the Lord’s doing, as He interrupted my mundane routine and drew me closer to Him. Through these studies in the Gospels, I share not only how God captured my attention, but also the valuable lessons I learned. It was a time of intense spiritual growth, filled with challenges that I will always cherish as part of my life journey.

Abiding in Christ offers a fresh perspective on the Gospels, focusing on what Jesus' disciples learned from observing and listening to Him. In addition, readers will find helpful guidance on biblical meditation. I share about twenty meditations that I personally learned from Jesus - on topics such as friendship, pride, worry, listening, handling interruptions, fear of man, and dreams - that have enriched my life.

  • Abiding in Christ: Walking with Jesus (137 pages)
  • Digital copies include both pdf, mobi and ePub formats.
  • Learn how to read the Gospels in a way you will never forget!
  • Helpful advice for improving one's teaching/preaching.


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