Discipleship 1: Develp strong security from His love

Gospel Explanations

BFF Gospel Explanations

Lots of answers for important life questions! How does a person become a Christian? Why does a person have to believe in Jesus?

Discipling New Believers

BFF Discipling New Believers

New Christian believers, like little babies, have special needs for love, care, and teaching. We closely follow John's teaching in 1 John 2:12-14 to see what those special needs are.

Understanding How Christians Spiritually Grow

Discipleship Shapers

October, 29, 2018

Learning to Read the Scriptures

BFF Learning to Read the Scriptures

As new believers grow, they must learn how to feed themselves God's Word. At first, like babies, they need to be fed (taught) God's Word, but as they grow they now need to better care for their own new spiritual lives. The new believer will grow by hearing these essential truths but falter without them.

Christian Life Overview

BFF Christian Life Overview

Discipleship is all about helping a Christian grow but many people have not thought about how a believer grows and how to best help them grow at different stages. We careful follow John's insights captured in 1 John 2:12-14 and bring them to life.

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