About 7 Digital Libraries

Our Christian training resources are here to help you grow!

No matter where you are in your Christian life, these resources strategically help you take significant steps forward in your spiritual development. ‘The Flow’ shows how God’s Spirit purposely and powerfully works in your life. Freedom is all about a life guided and empowered by God’s Spirit to do God’s will, not trying to express our feelings and get our way. As our Creator, He uniquely made us contribute to His overall plan—but we need His grace to consistently His God-glorifying purposes in our lives.

We are soon offering a low cost entry into this world of Christian training resources. Stay tuned!

This will include access to all our books, slides, handouts, studies, study questions, audios, and videos!

Web pages are so limiting

—and so that is where our digital libraries come in.

  • Thousands of teaching powerpoint slides that you can adapt and use!
  • Lots of study questions that take you deeper into these life-changing studies!
  • Like listening better than videos? We have them — hundreds of mp3 audios.
  • More in-depth studies of the biblical text—word studies, biblical languages, etc.!
  • Get far beyond superficial studies by showing you how to be an Overcomer. We don’t only describe anxiety but show you how to get into God’s peace!
  • Insights from our full range of resources enrich each article, book, and study.
  • With full copyright privileges, we get to open our library resources for you to use freely!*
  • We have about ten international libraries reaching millions around the world!
  • We live for God’s glory, desiring more of God in each of our lives across the globe.

Our vision is to build up the bride of Christ so that upon Christ’s return, she, the church, will put on her dazzling apparel to please Christ, her bridegroom.

Soon available—After joining the membership, you can subscribe to BFF’s 7 Digital Libraries—well over 60 gigabytes of Christian English resources. We supply answers for the questions Christians want answering! These now hidden training resources will soon be open to those who can’t purchase them for a low subscriber fee.

Feel free to write to me at or even better, join and drop a comment!

Serving in the Majesty of our Great Lord,

Rev. Paul J. Bucknell

President, Author, and International Instructor

BFF—Biblical Foundations for Freedom

* Free to modify, print, and use for your purposes without asking, but please do simply copy, post whole articles, and resell. Feel free to ask me for specific situations, including for translation purposes.