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We are excited about our new website bringing many new relevant and biblical resources to you!

Membership—which is free—first of all connects you with us. You can make comments and ask questions. I (Paul) watch all the comments and will do my best to answer any questions or provide any clarity. We welcome wholesome conversation. (The only delay might come when I am on foreign soil training national pastors, church planters, and evangelists.)

But I also hope to start adding special privileges.

  • How would you like a copy of one of our books?
  • Would you like exclusive access to specific resources like the study questions?
  • How would you like access to our videos that we have offered on our opening page along with audios?
  • I even welcome your suggestions.

When you are a member, you will sign in (though often becomes automatic) and all the increasing number of exclusive resources will be available to you!

Membership is also the first step to subscribing to BFF’s 7 Digital Libraries. Behind the scenes of this new website in conjunction with our sister website,, there are over 60 gigabytes of biblical and practical Christian training resources. We supply answers for the questions Christians want to be answered! The resources are already present, and though hidden behind the scenes will soon be open to those for a low subscriber fee.

Much more coming soon! (August 22, 2019)

Feel free to write to me at or even better, join and drop a comment!

In His Majestic Service!

Paul J. Bucknell, Author, and Instructor

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