Discipleship 3 Leveret: Develop intimacy with God and strengthen faith

Abiding in Christ

BFF Abiding in Christ

Walking with Jesus should be our constant life theme. Learn ways to get closer to Christ!

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Biblical Counseling

BFF Biblical Counseling

At discipleship level two we learn how to overcome temptation with God's Word, but it is here we learn how to specifically counsel others facing various situations.

Discipling Your Sons

BFF Discipling Your Sons

A hand's on book! Learn how and why we can disciple our boys as they enter young manhood. I figured if I didn't create a time around 8-10 years old of discussing life with my boys, they would end up learning on the streets.

Evangelism and the Cults

BFF Evangelism and the Cults

Cults for me include those who call or portray themselves as Christians but are not. Having their own system of teaching, their followers fall into an impregnable mindset. God specializes in giving us keys that at times can unlock those doors.

Finding Renewal

Initiating Spiritual Growth in the Church

BFF Initiating Spiritual Growth in the Church

How do we get Others or ourselves interested more in spiritual things? Discover how to bring God's power to those who need God's light and direction!

Knowing God: Love and Experience Him

BFF Knowing God: Love and Experience Him

Some people avoid God, but we show you why and how you should get close to God. Life holds no greater journey than this!

Life in the Spirit!

BFF Life in the Spirit!

Although the Holy Spirit is wrongly understood, He plays a key role in our Christian lives. Find your answers here on how to be filled in the Spirit from the Bible!

Redemption Through the Scriptures

BFF Redemption Through the Scriptures

Redemption is one of those themes that start early in Genesis and dynamically presents itself right through the Scriptures. Join the trail on observing how the redemptive truths start off in seed form and grow into towering trees honoring to God!

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The Dark World

BFF The Dark World

Satan's dark world lives out of sight, and though we should know something about its operation; we need not become preoccupied with them.

The Godly Man

BFF The Godly Man

Don't lower your standard. Let God miraculously empower you to live a godly life!

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Theological Perspectives

Training Leaders for Ministry


How does a Christian life and think in this world?

Truth’s Influence on Society

Truth’s Influence on Society

October, 01, 2020