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You can financially support BFF in five ways.

1) Use online bank Pay Bill services: Just add our name and address and a check will be sent, one time or regularly. No bank charge or stamp is needed!

2) Use BFF’s new Square account. Click below. Choose amount(s) and the number of times. 3 x $20=$60. Click the following link:

3) Call us and process a credit card over the phone. 412 * 398 * 4559

4) We receive donations securely right on our old website through a credit card or Paypal.

5) Send a check or money order in the mail. Please make your check out to BFF.

191 Lost Forest Road

Bracey, VA 23919 USA

We will send a receipt to acknowledge your contribution for first-time contributors. We do send tax receipts at the end of the year for American donations. Please note we never use any information collected beyond BFF’s own record keeping.

The financial support team enables Biblical Foundations for Freedom to continue to produce and distribute quality biblical training resources and provide Christian training instruction around the world.

Check here for our latest financial/ministry letter (Nov 2018).

If you are looking for a good ministry to invest in, consider BFF. We are a cost-effective ministry providing quality training and translated materials to the growing borders of God’s kingdom.
God has marvelously provided for BFF for 20+ years now. Sometimes it has been financially very tight, but through God’s faithfulness, we always have been cared for.

We welcome your donations!

Biblical Foundations for Freedom, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and offers tax-deductible receipts for those in the USA. Please note any special fund you might want to give to. If no designation is mentioned, it will be placed in the general fund.
We recognize that God might guide you into making a financial investment in this ministry. We welcome your support.

  • STM (Short-term training trips - BFF needs about $7 -13,00 per year. Right now we welcome donations for Pastor/Evangelist training seminars to Kenya in 2019. Due to restrictions regarding the virus, international trips have been put on a hold. However, we have key projects that we support. Text and ask me more.

  • Editing/Translation By producing several books and a seminar in the past several years, the need for help editing becomes increasingly important. We are actively involved in translating and distributing our books into different languages.

  • Love (Charity funds are largely used for overseas pastors, families, and other ministry needs. We are acquainted with many orphans, building needs, etc. among the most unreached nations and those recently having the church established.)

    Center (At this time we have not officially opened this fund to purchase the CLRC center as they have not yet given us the big discounted price. However, a little hope remains. Some donors out of the blue have offered sizeable amounts towards making an offer. So far, our offers have been declined. Call if you would like an update.

We think it is a wise investment with a fabulous return. God has given us a huge library of media-enriched Biblical training resources in our ten years of existence. If we would print just our Biblical resources alone, it would require far beyond 10,000 pages. Those from many nations around the world constantly access this website. A pastor from Hong Kong wanted the parenting materials for his ministry over the border in China. African pastors are eager to train their church leaders using our materials. Truly this blessing continues because of God’s clear hand upon this ministry.

Through our website and now our Seed Project, offering our libraries to those in developing countries, our materials are able to actually reach and help those who need it most. Read their comments!
While deeply appreciating your contributions, we encourage you first to give your offering to your local church and only afterward contribute to this ministry as the Lord would lead you. Or perhaps even better, put us on your mission budget!

SQUARE: Another way to make donations to BFF!

Get your church involved!

Consider having your church get involved in this strategic form of worldwide training. BFF specializes in the training process and has 7 digital libraries and more than 10 international languages of its own training materials to equip pastors/evangelists around the world. Invite Paul to make a presentation or send a powerpoint at your church.

Biblical Foundations for Freedom, Inc. is an accepted 501(c)(3) non-profit and offers tax-deductible receipts for donations and donated items and property. An email is sent as a receipt for your donation. A tax-deductible receipt (see above section) will also be mailed to you at the end of the year if over $200 and residing in the United States.
STM in Myanmar - Burma from Paul J. Bucknell on Vimeo.

Below is a video about one trip to Myanmar.

Our training of pastors, church planters, and evangelists overseas requires funds above our regular budget. These trips have been very fruitful in the past.
Read or sign up to receive our prayer letter which will give you up-to-date reports on our recent activities and needs. My wife and I have eight children ranging from 39 to 17. We attend the Oakland International Fellowship in Pittsburgh where we actively serve the Lord.

Please pray for us!

If you have any questions, we would be glad to answer them by phone, letter or email. We appreciate any suggestions, advice, prayer, encouragement and support you can give us at Biblical Foundations for Freedom!

Updated Sept, Nov, 2018

    Your web servant - Paul Bucknell

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