Discipleship 2: Gain confidence in His Word and acquire hope

Overcome Temptation

Gain Strength from God’s Word

Overcome Anger

BFF Overcome Anger

Has anger overcome you lately? Learn how God gives you grace to fight back and subdue that anger.

Overcome Bitterness

BFF Overcome Bitterness

Gripped by a bitter heart? You can't go forward until you forgive. Lots of encouragement and insights here.

Finding Spiritual Freedom

Finding Spiritual Freedom

April, 07, 2021
Can Christians Backslide?

Can Christians Backslide?

November, 23, 2019

Overcome Lusts

BFF Overcome Lusts

Sexual temptations pop up everywhere to such a degree that some believers conclude one cannot escape their clutch. We will always be close to such sins, but the advice here helps one walk in purity to God's glory.

Overcome Pride

BFF Overcome Pride

Pride is one of the Christians most subtle stumbling blocks, but humility can cut those tall trees built from pride down in a moment.

Overcome Discouragement and Depression

BFF Overcome Discouragement and Depression

Depression comes in all forms: Down, despairing, discouraged, despondent, depressed, etc., but God wants us to learn how to insert His promises into those dark caverns of hopelessness to bring light.

Overcome Worry

BFF Overcome Worry

Worry is not natural! Anxiety reveals we have doubted God in some key area of life.

Not Ashamed (Mark 8:38)

Not Ashamed (Mark 8:38)

January, 22, 2021
Feeling Distant From God

Feeling Distant From God

October, 29, 2018

Questions and Answers for the Young Believer

Discipling Young Believers

BFF Discipling Young Believers

Young Christian believers face all sorts of temptations to disable their effectiveness. God's Word is here to make them strong!

Detecting the Roots of Sin

Detecting the Roots of Sin

August, 24, 2021

Church life and practice

Spiritual warfare

Handling Difficulties