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The Bible Teaching Commentary on Romans: Laying a Solid Foundations is a practical expository commentary that helps the teacher, preacher, and student to be able to understand, explain and teach its relevance to those living in today’s world.   Extensive s

The Bible Teaching Commentary on Romans: Laying a Solid Foundation

Extensive summaries for each main section provide an overall perspective of when the Apostle Paul dives into his arguments.

Purchase download: pdf || epub (298 pages with 70 illustrations)

A helpful teaching outline along with explanations and applications are given for more specific or difficult teachings such as sin, redemption, justification, glorification, predestination, the Holy Spirit, etc. These are just some of the excellent topics that drive us into His marvelous presence, cause us to ponder at His marvelous ways, and wonderfully transform our lives.

This is a great companion volume for your personal study or teaching. So practical! This book was designed to accompany the teaching of the Book of Romans to college students in two semesters’ time. Lots of teaching resources here.

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