Written by Paul J. Bucknell on February, 13, 2019

Christian Premarital Counseling: Preparing the Two to Be One

Everything you need to conduct Christian premarital counseling!

Designed for the premarital counselor! Explanation on how to conduct; handouts and lessons are included for editing and printing.

“I purchased your Christian Premarital Counseling book about a year ago as I was looking for a substitute for the suggested material for seminary. Awesome stuff! Served well as a model method to pass the class and now I use it as part of my pastoral coaching ministry. Keep up the great work and as always prayerful blessings through Jesus.” - Pastor Bob

  • Christian Premarital Counseling: Preparing the Two to Become One (111 pages) includes all forms and handouts included for six sessions!
  • Includes viewing: pdf, epub, and docx (different purchase options)
  • All versions have free links to .doc and .pdf handouts and forms for editing and printing purposes.
  • Includes handouts for six sessions along with downloads in epub for internet sharing with counselees.
  • Free to edit and copy all forms and handouts (put your church name on them if you wish)
  • With BFF’s pdf version you can easily print the materials for yourself and others!


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