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The BFF Discipleship #1 Digital Library provides lots of biblical-based Christian resources, including audio/video seminars describing the whole process of the Christian life. Discipleship resources for new believers are also included. You can adapt as you

BFF Discipleship #1 Digital Library

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Level #1 discipleship books, video training series, resources for new believers, and a critical overview of spiritual development.

The BFF Discipleship #1 Digital Library provides many biblical-based Christian resources, including all our D#1 books and audio/video seminars describing the whole process of Christian life. Discipleship resources for new believers are also included. You can adapt as you desire. We also have apologetics resources and a description of how a person becomes a believer. Included are:

• Overview of the Flow (Christian Life)
• How a person believes
• How a new believer grows
• Training materials for new believers
• Numerous articles on evangelism & salvation

“I am so excited about discovering your resources! I followed your instructions, and they work great. Your work has blessed me greatly! These materials will be so helpful in discipling the soon-coming harvest!!”–CH

Some pastors and church leaders have asked me, “How do I get a discipleship program going?” All you need to know is provided here in this first digital library. Besides the overview of how discipleship works, we also add all our resources to help a new believer grow right here! Quality Biblical-based articles on discipleship and Christian spiritual growth.

Introduction of the Flow’s 3 Stages

Many articles are provided introducing all three stages of The Flow, the Christian life process.

Each stage is highlighted and focused on so that one can understand what growth occurs at that stage and what particular needs the believer has to grow at that particular segment of spiritual life.

Diagrams are included comparing the 3 different stages. The reading is accompanied by graphics, handouts as well as some videos, mp3 and slide.

Key study questions help trigger what is supposed to happen at stage one is studying.

Now includes our newly-updated book! The Life Core: Discovering the Heart of Great Training
The Life Core identifies the underlying cause of this crisis in the Christian church and proposes practical solutions on how to integrate God’s life into the heart of the church through proper leadership training. Breakthrough begins here! The heart of training begins when we pass on a vision of the Lord, His work, and the church in such a way that God’s people are invigorated by the Spirit of God to carry out His will.

Slides, handouts, and audio/videos accompany the book!
(Exaltation, Edification, Evangelism)

3 X E Basic Discipleship Course

Print your own discipleship booklets for new believers!
The Relational Discipleship book provides a special opportunity to meet and talk with Christian about their relationship with others. Spiritual knowledge is good but often not applied to the relationships people have with God and others as is the design of this book. Powerpoints available. This twelve–week series is founded upon Jesus’ summary of all the commandments, ‘to love God’ and ‘to love others.’
Did you ever wonder how to disciple new believers? Or if you have no one to disciple you, how you were going to get properly discipled?

Relational Discipleship: Cross Training

Life Lessons New Believers

Life Lessons for New Believers provides video/audio instructions along with the slides and handouts which can be printed out. Free reference links are also available to get even more out of a study.
This is the full-fledged seminar that we use to train Christian leaders around the world. The 10 full messages have pdf reading, handouts and slides along with audios and videos. The seminar not only explains the process of spiritual life but, more importantly, how one is to disciple believers at those three different levels. 
Paul has been married 39 wonderful years and has eight children!

Initiating Spiritual Growth in the Church – D1 Seminar

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