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An Examination of Our Theological Conclusions

An Examination of Our Theological Conclusions: A Suggested Architecture for Bringing Unity to Our Theological Commitment and Approach

The forthcoming book should be available in June 2024! Write pb@bffbible.org with any questions.

An Examination of Our Theological Conclusions's three sections guide us out of our quagmire. The first section presents the diagnostic, explaining how and why doctrinal disunity plagues the church. The second resolves many underlying theological issues that hinder our resolve to pursue unity. The last section proposes numerous practical and theological considerations to move beyond our impasse. Chapter study questions or projects are provided. Lots of diagrams are provided.

From the Preface

A spirit of unity and delight arises when we engage in scriptural discussions in God’s love.

The church of God must decisively change her momentum and shift toward unity. As members of one body under Christ’s Lordship, we must disengage from all divisions and unite to fulfill our God-given mission. Disunity is not an option. Our pursuit of Christ-earned unity firmly exalts our Lord and best positions us to complete the Great Commission.

Jesus paved the way for unity through His prayers, death, ascension, calling, teaching, and the empowering of the Holy Spirit. We have but one Savior and one Lord. Believers don’t deny the church’s biblical foundation of unity or instruction, but our Lord’s strong words embarrassingly reveal our stubborn unbelief. 

Our unbelief pokes holes in our prized theological statements, which supposedly display our professed loyalty and faithfulness to our Lord and His Word. “I believe in the Holy Ghost; the Holy Catholic Church, the communion of saints” (From Apostles Creed). A cursory look at Christianity shows that we believe in disunity more than unity. But somehow, we continue to think disassociation with other brothers is ideal and use this mindset to legitimatize current beliefs and practices.

It’s time the church reforms again, not by forsaking the Gospel but by believing and living out the powerful truth of its unity. We urgently need to use the remaining days for the worldwide church to march forward, hand in hand with the bright torch of love, aiding us in completing our missional task…..


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