Written by Paul J. Bucknell on February, 13, 2019

Godly Beginnings for the Family Christian training for pre-birth, birth and post birth

Practical and biblical advice for new or to-be parents! Advice for early routines and problems. Study questions included.

Family Plans - Expecting - Arrival - Routines

Starting Families Right

Your little one is so cute, and you want to help your child get the best care right from the start. If we do things right from the beginning, then the quality of life is so much richer. Start right; end right.

We wrote this book to pass our biblical and practical insights on caring for infants. Just when we had our eighth child, we wrote this book. While it took us many years to gain these many insights, we want you to start off right – and easy. For example, learn how to have your baby sleep through the night fairly early on. Or, find out how to control your baby’s hands when eating. So practical!

Godly Beginnings for the Family along with the questions at the end of each chapter make this material appropriate for discussion small group or a class with young families.


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