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Building a Great Marriage: Finding Faith, Forgiveness and Friendship

Building a Great Marriage: Finding Faith, Forgiveness and Friendship

See the three powerful steps involved in having God make a great marriage!

A Bible school president says of their course using Building a Great Marriage, “Everyone is blessed through the book which helps to build great marriage. Since God designed marriage, the closer we approach that original plan, the better the marriage.”

#1 Restoring Hope To Your Marriage

Do you find that you do not know how to improve your marriage? Or even worse, you feel like giving up? Lesson 1 enables a couple to get back on track to have a great marriage.

#2 Unconditional Love Life Principle 1

Why does it seem that a husband’s love is never enough? Discover the special means husbands can transform their dull marriage into a great marriage.

#3 Humble Submission Life Principle 2

Why do wives have difficulty submitting to their husbands? Learn the secret to being a woman filled with God’s power, grace, and love.

#4 Oneness Forever Life Principle 3

Learn how great marriages are built upon God’s declaration that the couple is one. To the degree that a couple builds upon this truth, the marriage will grow and mature.

#5 Understanding Marital Conflict & Creating Harmony

Do small problems seem to turn into big arguments? Learn how great marriages transform underlying tensions into marital harmony.

#6 Resolving Marital Crises & Avoiding Conflict

Does everything seem to be okay until something happens and the marriage seems to fall apart? Learn how great marriages resolve problems without breaking into conflict.

#7 Cultivating Intimacy in Marriage

Do you find it hard to talk to your spouse, to relate to him or her? Learn what intimate marriages are like and how great marriages become intimate.

#8 Developing Trust & Intimacy in Marriage


Intimacy can grow but only as mutual trust develops. Learn how those with great marriages experience the love of God to build that level of trust.


e-Book: ISBN-13: 978-1-61993-016-2

Paperback: ISBN-13: 978-1-61993-027-8


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