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You do not need to worry anymore! Overcoming Anxiety takes you, step by step, over the bridge of hope to reach the peace of God. Each step leads further from anxiety and closer to God and His Word. Illustrations, true stories, and study questions. 363 page

Overcoming Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering God

Study questions included!

Just going through your book that I have purchased yesterday and want to let you know that it is amazing! God has showed me a lot in my walk with Him but can honestly say that it is such a great handbook for people dealing with anxiety. –A&C

Every journey we take is different.

Some are welcomed; some are feared. Many of us have hidden our anxieties away and never dared to face them. Sometimes it is because we do not believe that there is any real help. Usually, it is because we just do not know how to find peace.


Stress, anxieties and their related fears can not only be managed but actually overcome.

People worry because they were never designed to handle the stresses of life on their own. God wants to help you. Your Creator has designed a way to experience His inner peace while walking through the stresses of life. The bridge illustrates the pathway across the difficulties of life to His peace.

Each of the ten sessions takes you one step over the bridge. Some steps are more strenuous; others more reflective, but each takes you to know and regularly experience the peace of God. The sessions are listed below.

Testimony of Overcoming Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering God

From a Sister

I have found your web site on dealing with Anxiety very helpful. It is a wonderful resource showing a huge understanding of the condition and assistance in overcoming anxiety. It has been a wonderful guide to me in some recent troubled times.

The Pastor/CEO of an Australian foundation writes about this material

“With the men we minister to through the Foundation, a major emotional dysfunction is fear in all its strongholds. Armed with the information and tools from BFF “Anxiety” series we have accomplished total freedom in this area of core fears.

After the men have successfully put into practice this understanding and revelation, we have found the rest of a Christian 12 Step program which we use more easier to work. The Anxiety series has been the glue which has held everything else together. So it has had a tremendous impact on the lives of the men who have been affected by addiction.

In a nutshell, BFF has been instrumental and invaluable in the release and recovery of souls trapped in addiction and emotional dysfunction.”
I was looking up some thoughts on renewing the mind. I’ve been in a Bible study ... working on Romans 12. I loved your messages. They touched my heart and I shared them with a friend as well! I look forward to God revealing my strongholds and working through me to overcome many worries/attitudes that have controlled my life ... for too long.

A few Thank yous

“Paul, I wanted to say thank you so much for this wonderful and insightful seminar. I am battling worry and anxiety as a Christian and this information has spoken to me and I believe it is a turning point in my relationship with the Lord. The truths it spoke are amazing and it has caused me to start meditating on the Word and to really take a look at the causes of my wrong thoughts. I just needed to say thank you for this ministry and may God richly bless you and I want you to know that I will be showing this to my family who are also saved but battling with doubt and lack of trust in the Father. Thank you so much Paul.”


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