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Project Seed: Distributing Free Christian Digital Resources

Project Seed: Distributing Free Christian Digital Resources

I have traveled and ministered in many different countries, largely to train those in Christian ministry. Seeing our Mighty God actively working among His many people is exciting. And yet, it is sad to observe the lack of spiritual growth even among many leaders. To combat this serious and unnecessary problem, BFF offers free training materials to God’s servants and believers in developing countries and regions. Our vision seeks for all followers of Jesus to glorify God through their closeness with Him and how they diligently carry out His works. 

We now offer free ongoing access to BFF Christian online training digital libraries worldwide! As a seed flies through the air, we want to see biblical training materials reach every corner of the world. As a believer is strengthened, he or she spiritually grows and becomes a greater blessing to others. 

BFF’s materials can be used in various ways, depending on which electronic devices one can access: smartphones, tablets, computers or the web at an internet cafe. 

For more than twenty years, God’s grace enabled Biblical Foundations for Freedom (BFF) to create biblically-based and graphically-enhanced training Christian resources. It is time for the power of God's Word to be set free in His people’s lives. Our 7 English BFF Digital Libraries and international resources are included! 

Qualifications & Conditions for Free Access 

You must live in a developing country with access to the internet, a computer or some computer device that can read pdfs, epubs, listen to mp3s or show videos. An internet cafe works as well as a smartphone or tablet. If you or your church is financially able to afford these resources, even though you live in such countries, we suggest you make a donation or order through our BFF store. This enables us to focus on meeting the needs of those who truly need this offer. 

These materials are indefinitely loaned to you by BFF and are not for resale. If the access demand is too great, we have the right to prioritize the requests for those serving in full-time Christian ministry, but now it is open to all. Please feel free to edit, translate, and adapt the resources for our your purposes if they build up the people of God. You do not need to ask permission to adapt, use or translate, but we do not allow you to put the resources or their links on the web without permission. 

Consider being a distributer 

Do you know others who might benefit? We welcome you to join us in distributing these resources. Normally, a person would provide this web page's link to your friends (or our email address below), and they, upon briefly introducing who they are in their email receive the key link to access the libraries. 

If you, for example, are a pastor, missionary or teacher, and know many people in a developing country with internet access, introduce yourself to me (Paul). There are several volunteer options. You can personally pass the link on to others as you travel. If there are questions or desire for usage by larger groups or online libraries such at schools, please contact Paul at (+01) 412-398-4559 (in USA). pb@bffbible.org

How do you apply?

Request via email/whatsapp with "Project Seed" in the subject area. Provide at least city (town) and country. If you are involved in ministry, we would love to hear a short description of your ministry. There is no cost to you except your internet charges. Our email is at the bottom of the page. Have each person/family apply if at all possible. We usually respond within 12 hours. Check here for a pdf.

Knowing More! 

The English libraries are included below, along with an introductory video: 

• Old Testament Bible Digital Library 
• New Testament Bible Digital Library Family 
• Marriage Digital Library 
• Parenting Digital Library Discipleship (Christian living) 
• Discipleship 1 Digital Library: Level 1 for new believers 
• Discipleship 2 Digital Library: Level 2 for young believers 
• Discipleship 3 Digital Library: Level 3 for mature believers 

Video http://vimeo.com/83263743

International Resources (Other than English)
We typically have bilingual seminars in the languages listed below, including books, audio/videos, handouts (often translated) and more! 

Africa (east): Kenya, Tanzania & Sudan: Swahili || Luo 
Africa (east) Malawi: Chichewa 
Burma, Myanmar: Burmese 
China/Taiwan: Chinese (Mandarin) 中文家庭及門徒培訓的材料 
Africa: Ethiopia: Amharic 
India: Bengali | Hindi | Telugu 
Nepal: Nepali, Nepalese 
Philippines: Visaya, Cebuano, Bisaya 
Spanish world: Spanish 
Africa: Uganda: Luganda 

(If your language needs to be seen, welcome us to do training in your land, contact me.)


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