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Reaching Beyond Mediocrity: Faith’s Triumph Over Temptation - another book by Paul J. Bucknell

Reaching Beyond Mediocrity: Faith’s Triumph Over Temptation, 750+ pages

Christian believers want to grow and see the power of Christ in their personal lives through the godly working of the Holy Spirit. Most believers have given up on actively growing after their initial spurt of growth upon their belief in Christ. Don’t stop but keep climbing!

Purchase: pdf  || epub (750+ pages)

• Four chapters of clear instruction on how to overcome temptation and sin.

• Devoted chapters to show how to battle anxious, angry, prideful, lustful, and depressive thoughts and feelings.

• Theological and Biblical support for our approach to strengthening our faith.


The Discipleship 2 Digital Library includes this book along with all the worksheets, audio/videos, and more!


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