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Renew Your Life Through Daily Devotions, Book 1:  Disciplines and Approach

Renew Your Life Through Daily Devotions, Book 1:  Disciplines and Approach

The three books comprising Quality Time with God are designed sequentially to teach you how to approach spiritual life to grow in your relationship with the Lord. It is the first of three books in the Quiet Time With God series that seeks to renew your time with God when reading the Bible.

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  • Why don’t I hunger for God’s Word like before?
  • Aren’t I supposed to desire God’s Word? What happened?
  • Why don’t I get much from God’s Word anymore?
  • How can I regain quiet times with the Lord as I had before?

Book 1: Renew Your Life through Daily Devotions * Disciplines and Approach
Quality Time with God, Book 1 builds on the initial love God’s children have for His Word. In seven studies, believers learn how to meet regularly with God using seven essential steps to know and encounter God: connect, appreciate, hope, marvel, trust, discover, and expect. Through brief readings, you will learn how to initiate real-to-life expectations of God in your spiritual lives and embed this spiritual discipline in your lives through daily exercises.

Book 2: Restore Confidence for Ongoing Devotions * Difficulties and Delight (coming)

Book 3: Reveal the Power of Biblical Meditation * Deeper and Closer (coming)


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