The Church’s Mightiest Weapon Released: A Resource Page

Written by Paul J Bucknell on August, 15, 2023

The Church’s Mightiest Weapon Released: Resources

A strategic plan to unite the church and reach the nations to glorify God.

This simple but powerful biblical strategy answers questions the church has been asking for generations.

  • How can the church practically show her unity?
  • How can we complete the Great Commission?
  • How can the church be better prepared for difficult times ahead?


Unity is our greatest weapon!

The Church’s Mightiest Weapon Released: Resources

Our goal is to supply free resources, ours and others, to better implement unity in the church.


The Book: pdf | epub  —No cost!  (Paperback can be purchased soon.)

Video/audio teaching:

An Introduction: Video | Audio

Biblical Support: Video | Audio

Other videos coming (will be added)

Hindrances on Unity (forthcoming by October 2023)

This strategy plan outlines how the church can display unity, protect its members, and spread the word of God. It provides practical solutions to long-standing questions such as achieving unity, fulfilling the Great Commission, and preparing for future challenges. With the church facing greater challenges, perhaps more than ever, we need to prepare ourselves. God gives us a way!


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