Experiencing Renewal in our Devotions

Written by Paul J Bucknell on October, 29, 2018

Experiencing Renewal in our Devotions

Seminar Introduction

Personal devotions is a vital spiritual discipline meant to build a strong foundation for our spiritual lives and ministry. Experiencing Renewal through Our Personal Devotions takes you step by step on how to consistently experience God’s presence during each meeting with Him. Special attention will be given on what can be expected, the art of biblical meditation and the way we integrate what God teaches us with our lives and ministries. Special focus is given on how to help others also experience special times with the Lord through His Word.

Session #1 Reviving Our Faith

Exodus 33:7-11

Revive your spiritual life through improving the quality of your personal devotion times.

The quality of our devotional times largely depends on two key factors: (1) The belief that God wants to make each time that I meet with Him special by ‘speaking’ to me, and (2) The expression of my genuine felt need for Him to help me through our meeting together.

Session #2 Deepening our Reflections

Joshua 1:6-9

Understand Biblical meditation and apply it to your
daily quiet times.

The depth of our times with the Lord are largely dependent on how we make sure every encounter with the Lord in His Word is special through properly meditating on His Word and applying what He teaches to our lives.

Session #3 Tracing Our Life’s Journey

Genesis 12:1-3

Understanding your times with Him.

The effectiveness and fulfillment of life is largely developed by being deliberately attentive to discovering what God wants for our lives in our quiet times with Him and by responding with obedience to what He directs us to do.

Session #4 Pursuing our God

Exodus 33:12-23

Discover how a person can grow in their relationship with the Lord through special times with Him.

God wants to reveal more and more of His glory to us to build up of a very intimate relationship with Him. While we will have various special and regular experiences with the Lord as part of life’s work and service, God desires to be pursued and allow Himself be found.


Personal devotions is a spiritual discipline that most Christians know they ought to maintain but they are not sure how to consistently profit from this time in the Word. What should be a special time with God often becomes a burden. Experiencing Renewal through Our Personal Devotions reveals how to experience special times with God each day. Special emphasis is given as to how faith, meditation and how God uses these things to guide us and help equip us for our various ministries. Practical workshops are used.

Brief Bio

Rev Paul Bucknell during the 80s was a church planter in Taiwan with Overseas Missionary Fellowship. During the 90s he pastured at the Pittsburgh Chinese Church. As the director and founder of Biblical Foundations for Freedom he has developed an extensive collection of training and discipleship materials on the web and has held training seminars for Christian leaders in India, Singapore and the States. Paul and his wife Linda now live in Pittsburgh with their eight children.


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