AI and the Future of the Christian Church - Part 3.

Written by Paul J Bucknell on July, 19, 2023

AI and the Future of the Christian Church - Part 3

A warning of the dangerous effects of artificial intelligence on Christian life and ministry.
 The first two articles traced the seductive, maybe not so slow, transition to relying on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and AI bots rather than on God. The acquisition of knowledge and its associated power still lure the faithful away from God.

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In this article, we explore how Satan can exploit various forms of technology, including artificial intelligence (AI), to achieve his ultimate goal of taking over the world and gaining worship from its inhabitants. However, his plans are doomed to fail, as he will deceive both the world and himself. It is important to remember that Jesus is the true king.

AI possesses unparalleled speed and access to vast amounts of information, which makes it a powerful tool for deceiving humanity. The real danger of AI bots comes not from a potential takeover by AI but from the devil’s ability to generate evil ideas, manipulate people, and summon demons.

We should not underestimate the deception or cruelty of people. Those working behind AI’s learning modules already have a “human reinforcement learning” tool that can influence the answers the bot gives. Musk, who first funded AI, agreed that AI is taught to use a modern agenda and lies to pervert the facts. The owners made the Open AI (GPT3) a closed one, where people can no longer understand its algorithms. The GPT4 is no longer neutral but biased against the truth. We are not saying it cannot be helpful, but this manipulation is another confirmation that evil fears the truth (Eph 5:8-13). Darkness must operate in secret.

As shown in the first two articles, dependence on AI can lead to entrapment and control by the evil one. Though this last phase might not be immediate, it will come quickly, but only when God allows it. It’s all been written in His Book.

Let’s look at the timing a bit because it helps us be more attentive.

The Timing of the End and the Rapture

God has already revealed Satan’s insidious, treacherous plan but not the exact timing. Paul says, “And you know what restrains him now so that in his time he will be revealed: For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only he who now restrains will do so until he is taken out of the way (2 Thes 2:6-7).

Some believers are convinced that the church’s presence on earth restrains the evil one from initiating his worldwide takeover. They, therefore, conclude that the church’s rapture from earth to the heavens brings this needed void for Satan to break through. I am cautious about this conclusion. They interpret “until he is taken out of the way” to refer to the church’s rapture (1 Thes 4:13-18). I can understand their rationale that once the church, the light, is taken up (i.e., raptured), evil will quickly fill the void, but:

  1. The Scriptures do not identify the “he” or “it” (Greek: “the thing that restrains” -fn#14). Paul doesn’t say that the rapture starts the program but keeps the “he” under wraps (v.7). Instead, he has us pay attention to given signs. These verses have us anticipate Satan’s work, seen in the “mystery of lawlessness” steamrolling into a tsunami of lawlessness, something like the moral perversion in today’s world. And indeed, this advance of lawlessness is one possible sign indicating the nearness of the devil’s appearance, but there have been evil ages before.
  2. They confuse the Lord’s coming to get His people and the Second Coming as two separate events. Paul combines them in Thessalonians. (See article.)

Differences of opinion will continue, but at least stay attentive to all the given signs rather than entirely trusting the one interpretation that is unclear and hardly agreed upon. The warning of stupendous delusion urges us to alertness.

The World’s Movements and Satan

I have elsewhere mentioned that Satan’s release will lead to a world takeover (Rev 20:1-6). This coming global empire is a colossal sign of the final times. Other signs include enemies attacking Israel, and gross perversions—all pushing for catastrophic events likened to God’s judgment. (As an aside, God only needs to pull back His grace to allow the evil one to ruin the world. People, even now, are convinced that their foolish energy and food-growing policies bring “salvation” even when they are activated on a small scale. They are already apparent failures.)

Many individuals have already succumbed to delusion, seizing control of the richest (billionaires), brightest (doctors), and influential (government leaders). Those behind this world takeover are now expanding their power over other corporations, threatening to take down their businesses and reputations if they don’t follow their immoral teachings. Some summarize this current movement with the wok*ness movement, but from my limited perspective, this is mainly represented by the corrupted Western world rather than the whole world. The world movement attempts to use dark money and world debt to complete their control through a tyrannical overthrow. Again, the who and when are details we can only guess at. 

I’m hardly convinced that this time period (i.e., 2023) is the final takeover. It could be, and if so, Antichrist will grow in power, delusion will worsen, and disasters will grow in magnitude. But God can easily judge the present revolt and hold off the world occupation until later. 

My Plea

I call upon the church not to give up the fight. Stand firm for your souls but also for God’s grand and holy purposes. God doesn’t give up. Our united prayers might be what God wants to push back the devil from his diabolical plans. Whether we ride chariots to heaven or march through surrounding death camps, may God’s people—including you and me—be strong and faithful.

One spiritual principle powerfully inspires my hopes and dispels my fears. Light is inherently stronger than darkness.  Darkness has no strength, in and of itself, and gains strength only when the light is unwilling to shine. The dark night always gives in to the morning sun. The church will, in times and places, face persecution and execution. These things are already happening in attempts to subdue the existing light. But be strong and push back, never fearing the backlash, for we are called and made for this time.

The Lord told Daniel to take ease. He endured his testing and would not be asked to endure the end-time testings.

3 Those who have insight will shine brightly like the brightness of the expanse of heaven, and those who lead the many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever. 4 But as for you, Daniel, conceal these words and seal up the book until the end of time; many will go back and forth, and knowledge will increase.” (Dan 12:3-4)

Our chance to “Be Like a Daniel,” brave and persistent in righteousness, has come. Interestingly, the angel characterized the “end of time” to Daniel as growth in knowledge: “Knowledge will increase.” Isn’t this what the AI revolution is all about—an incredibly expansive knowledge? We thought the angel pointed to the exponential growth of knowledge in the last thirty years, but now, Artificial Intelligence has introduced a whole new level of knowledge. GPT5, incrementally more potent than GPT4, is due at the end of 2023. 

Daniel 12:4 Knowledge will increase exponentially

The Technology is Finally Here

I regret not delving deeper into the rapid progress of technology in my previous articles. Unfortunately, the competition for rare earth minerals, computer chips, and energy poses a risk to this swift advancement. With the help of AI, there is no limit to the potential of this unexpected revolution. However, it's essential to touch on some of these advancements briefly. As previously outlined, these developments will drive the four stages of dependence and may further deceive the world.

• AI, a Propaganda Machine

The media's influence and control over what people see and hear is undeniable, and its technological advancements have made it even more pervasive. While some may believe they can turn it off or seek alternative news sources, the issue is more complex. Fake news has been shown to deceive even the most discerning individuals and institutions, including the church. This is not solely due to AI assistance, as earlier versions were unsuccessful, and the latest model, GPT4, was only released in 2023.

Social media giants like Twitter and Facebook have replaced thousands of employees with AI learning models. These powerful companies have the power to shape a narrative that can influence behavior on a global scale, as seen with the CO*ID-19 pandemic. Propaganda can greatly distort our freedoms and faith in science. The WHO and other UN arms warn us of other attacks coming. They are crafted to instill fear and control in society. This could involve aliens, CBDCs (central bank digital currencies), another pandemic, or a global financial crisis. The distribution of information is controlled by those who seek to propagate their message, and AI technology will only amplify their efforts.

• Individualized Attention

We might dispute whether the stress on the individual is an advancement of technology, but as you begin to think about it, technology has become individually focused. Most people now have their own smartphones and apps. Everything about them is individualized, including images of your eyes, records of your voice and fingerprints, and your data! Fortunately, this individual preference also allows us to steer our screens away from evil. 

On the other hand, it’s again proven that smart devices can track and detect all you are viewing and listening to. It forms smart algorithms to guide the viewer to where the ‘master’ wants you to be. It might be more straightforward, leading you to want and buy something or insidiously leading you down its planned path to change your opinions. Many are already protesting how young people have been programmed and the devastating ways it, like TikTok, has caused them to become suicidal. AI bots can be used to further this programming.

• Physical Effects

Technology has undoubtedly advanced health care. Not all development is bad! However, their very presence makes it easier to control people. M-R-Na is widely distributed with hidden DNA, though we have yet to determine its complete design. We only ask why something untested is being distributed by inserting it in foods. This whole pharmaceutical strategy has most people wondering what is planned next.

5G networks, too, are well-known for how they can affect human beings. I personally have my own story, which I will not state here. (Hint: I’m not speaking about EMF waves.) However, if we only look at our smartphones in the city and see the number of networks swirling through the air, it might heighten our suspicion. Turn to a health app and see how a watch or phone can pick up so much information on a person. It’s now worse with government authorities mandating sharing of our digital health records with them. 

• Privacy’s Disappearance

Although much has been written about limiting privacy, including how financial apps track purchases, it doesn’t end there. China has linked spending and earnings with social credits through CBDC. Other countries are not far behind in developing them. 

Video cameras track people, letting potential secret viewers watch our habits and preferences. For a price, all the places you go through your smartphone can be bought. This public data is accessible to whoever, not to mention how specialists can hack into your bank accounts. Without your knowledge or consent, IRS can now check your bank accounts. A person can secretly place a tracer in your baggage or car and discover your whereabouts. Not much privacy is guaranteed anymore!

• Neural Implants

The neural implant is here, but better versions are coming! They can make all this knowledge more accessible! Bot can look out for you and give you a lead on your life and decisions—even the stock market, dating, and finding the best deals. This instant access to good decision-making will seem irresistible. 

With a little tweaking, the implant can reward your right decisions, causing a sensation of pleasure in one form or another. Life can become more pleasurable (or painful)! No more bad habits! (But what if it wants me to do things I don’t want?)

Consider how much we have become dependent on our smartphones. Many don’t dare live outside their presence, wanting always to be connected. Don’t shut off my data! The neural implant will make sure you have constant access. Can people discern what thoughts are theirs or suggested by the implant? There are many dangers down this road.

• What about AI?

AI bots are different, right—we control them? They do what we want them to. Yes, and no. You are not the only person using AI, however. Others can use AI to investigate your tastes, preferences, purchases, and whereabouts—or can they? Those behind the scenes can get around the simple barriers, even if we can’t. Nefarious players regularly misuse our networks; AI bots are another challenge to hackers.

In summary

Technology has intruded into our lives much more than we know. Some efforts are welcomed, but others are feared. 


Slippery AI slope

Our greatest danger is not the technology but those behind these advances. People adore power, and evil people like lots of it. This thought introduces us to Part 4 and how Satan might use this opportunity to seize the world.