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Written by Paul J. Bucknell on November, 21, 2022
Prayer Letter #375

Lots of People!

Dear Prayer Partners,

While we love our special festivities and holidays like Thanksgiving, it’s even grander to think about the feast the Lord is preparing in heaven. 

Most of us have missed a most celebrated moment—our world population has reached over 8 billion. We have issues like war, political elections, disease and sickness, economic chaos, etc., but this is a momentous event! 

Since the beginning, God said, “Be fruitful and multiply” (Gen 1:28). It has!! Why? So people can get to know Him and find salvation in Jesus Christ.

• We now have the most Christians alive that can share the Gospel.

• We have the greatest number of unsaved to share with about Christ Jesus.

•God appoints many from developing countries to finish the task.

How does BFF fit into God’s grand plan? Let me share one of the gospel frontiers. Though Myanmar still suffers from an ongoing civil war, brothers there just completed a 3-day Equipping Workers for the Harvest training 21 workers. They maintain a heavy emphasis on discipleship (from our previous training). The leader says of others hearing about the training, “They never heard about   Discipleship training.”


• Paul is finally better (99% still lightheaded at times-maybe an allergy?).

• Paul is making a revision to the first book: “Quality Time with God” before publishing.

• An organizer interviewed Paul for a series of free meetings on men's discipleship.

• BFF website page views are increasing! We might make our annual goal.

Happy Thanksgiving!


• Please pray for healing Pastor Hassan in Uganda, who also cares for orphans. He has no money for a needed hernia surgery.

• Paul needs constant guidance for small and big writing projects.

• Pray for a healthy and safe visit north during Thanksgiving.

• Pray for Isaac as he continues his job at Home Depot and works on completing different software certificates (where he eventually wants to get a job).

• Seek God to stir His church to make many more disciples in these last days.

• Satan seeks to kill and destroy people. Ask God to frustrate his murderous plans.

Rev. Paul J. Bucknell, President, Author, and Instructor

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