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Written by Paul J Bucknell on September, 19, 2020
Prayer Letter #346

Answers to Prayers!

Dear Prayer Partners,

Perfect clockwork down to the second. Amazingly, the Lord worked out each detail of our house closing and move, all happening in last week’s rush. Today, we safely arrived back at CLRC (Christian Leadership Renewal Center) in Bracey, VA.

All our belongings, packed full into an 8x18ft pod, are in holding. We stuffed our vehicles, barely having air space. We had to pack with those who might come by the retreat center in mind. My passenger seatbelt alarm went off repeatedly due to the weight. (Yes, it was extremely bothersome until I moved everything and buckled it.)

Time to squeeze in pastoral prayers and fun!

The goodbyes. It was so touching—people helping us move, attending a “Hi and Bye Farewell” (the Hi because we hadn’t seen each other in person since Covid), and speaking to many neighbors over the last few days.

The Lord arranged for other Christians who care for the neighborhood to buy and move into our old home. We hope the seeds planted will become a harvest for them.

The last day was unbelievable. I watched the cement truck finish pouring concrete for our sidewalk while working with the trucker getting our pod and welcoming the plumber sent by the company to fix a botched job—all the while knowing the buyers would walk through at 6:30 that evening. So much to pack, toss, and clean. Anything could go wrong, but everything went just perfectly, though alarmingly close to the deadline. For example, the plumber was there for 8 hours, finishing up just in time for us to clean and make the bathroom presentable. We were 20 minutes late for our dinner invitation.

Thank you for helping to move, clean, pray, or talk. We will miss Pittsburgh and everyone there, having lived there since 1991!

Revival can be divided into three parts: Rebirth, Renewal, and Revival

It seems that those years in protected Pittsburgh was a place of incubation, slow but sure growth, but now we are cast forth to bring “Rebirth,” “Renewal,” and “Revival.” How this might work out is still unknown. We oversee the renewal center until the end of the year and seek God for what happens after that. Do we stay here long term, or is there a new appointment? Keep praying!


  • Praise the Lord for wondrously watching over the house closing and all the details.
  • How wonderful to see all the love from family, church friends, and neighbors!
  • Our bodies managed to push through all the heavy moving (consider our pod was about 50 feet down from our third floor). Paul’s foot and lower back never gave out.
  • The Lord watched over Linda and me as we each drove a vehicle back to the Center on the Virginia/NC border.


  • Pray as Paul continues to prepare a ministry/business plan for CLRC.
  • Pray for people to come to use the Center and find God’s overwhelming goodness!
  • Linda has much on her mind, moving in and readying the kitchen for whom God brings to the Center.
  • Please pray as I speak in Chinese 1-2 times on the Holy Spirit at a church (RCCC) in Raleigh starting Oct 9.
  • Paul and Linda will lead a Chinese seminary couple in premarital counseling.

Rev. Paul J. Bucknell, President, Author, and Instructor

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