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Written by Paul J Bucknell on July, 05, 2024
Prayer Letter #395

Our New Course Starts!

Dear Prayer Partners,

Technology is changing fast! Although there are advantages to conducting overseas training, the world is changing. I can instantly make BFF courses available worldwide. Rev. Godstime uses BFF resources at his Bible college in Nigeria. Now, they can also get good internet connections to download our resources.

Since I have many contacts in many places, I can make the resources helpful to them. Starting on July 11th, a new online class begins every Thursday at 7 p.m. (EST).   

Open to all:

However, learning how to use YouTube streams, a new format, is challenging. Every change reminds me I’m not so young. Pray for me. 

There are several parts to the process:

  • I set up the YouTube platform for the new course (started) and other videos, like the new video series, The Three Stages of Marriage. Isaac has been a great help.
  • Connect and inform people of the class. This takes a lot of preparation writing emails and sending them.
  • The classes are being prepared.
  • Teach (Thursdays 7 pm EST, starting July 11). Pray the Spirit to work.

This course answers the millennium-old question, “Why is there so much division in the church when we are supposed to be one?” There are many reasons for divisions, but I’ll focus on the most troublesome one: " How can we remain in harmony when we have varying doctrinal positions?” I’ll generally follow my new book, An Examination of Our Theological Conclusions, but I'm free to go on tangents. 

Why livestream? (This means a live broadcast.) I want to create a classroom environment so that I will use the last minutes of each 40-minute class for comments and questions. We will see how it goes! Join us and subscribe to add your comments.

I have thanked God so many times for our home and garden. I take breaks from computer work to work in the garden and yard and even harvesting. It’s now blueberries and tomatoes. String beans and snow peas are done. Cucumbers and the second batch of raspberries are coming. I am amazed daily by God’s ingenious design of plants.


  • Paul has written numerous recent articles and produced a few teaching videos.
  • Much preparation for the new class has been completed.
  • Paul’s neck pain has only returned once or twice and is less problematic.
  • We had a lovely vacation with family at the North Carolina beach—30ft dunes.
  • Linda’s cough is much better this week! Heart issues are less problematic.
  • Thank you for your persistent prayers for us!


  • Paul speaks at the local Chinese church (in English) on July 7th on Ecc 7:15-22.
  • Paul’s weekly class on unity starts on Youtube on July 11th, at 7 pm.
  • Pray for extra grace for my busy editor to complete the latest book.
  • Pray for Linda as she tries new inserts for her wonky foot/ankle.
  • We pray that God will powerfully refresh people with His word through BFF web materials and classes.
  • Pray for peace in our country and world.

Pastor Paul J. Bucknell, President, Author, and Instructor

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