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Written by Paul J. Bucknell on July, 16, 2022
Prayer Letter #370


The world is rapidly coming unraveled. Whether this is the end of the age is yet to be seen. But I am seeking the Lord for ways to increase the distribution of BFF’s many biblically-grounded Christian resources.

“Making the most of your time, because the days are evil” (Eph 5:16).

I have recently chatted with three of my translators, two more actively. Let me share about the one from India. India’s population of 1.4 billion people, all made in God’s image, is set to surpass China’s in 2023. Worldwide, Hindi speakers are estimated to be 639 million, almost twice the USA’s population.

BFF Biblical Resources:

Unlike most pastors, Pastor Mathew is very familiar with technology and handling web pages. He facilitates a translation team to get resources translated into Hindi and is willing to explore how to distribute BFF free Hindi resources throughout India. Although I have a Hindi web page, admittedly, it is hard to find for Hindi readers. He can leverage his online web presence with our free Hindi books and training seminars.

I hope to team up with more coordinators to speed up the distribution of the BFF resources worldwide in English and other languages. If you have any interest or skills, please let me know.

BFF's 2022 Hindi resources include 6 Christian books and 6 training seminars.


  • I have sent the completed new book, A Biblical View of Social Justice, to my professional editor. Please pray that God will use this book. (There are four videos that you can view if interested.)
  • The Making of a Godly Leader paperback book is coming by the end of July!
  • We are thankful to have spent a good time with our mothers, four children in New England, and some old friends.
  • We saw our first ear of corn growing today! The cucumbers keep on producing.
  • Linda is not so tired and doing better.
  • We praise the Lord that we are on target for BFF web pages read on the two websites as of the end of June. 2022 Goal: 9 million web pages read by year’s end.


  • Pray for Pastor Mathew and increased distribution of BFF Christian resources.
  • Constant focus and wisdom for Paul as he works on the super project, numerous articles, and upcoming books.
  • Pray that the BFF training resources go deeper into hearts and broader out to the world. Paul seeks God to use these resources to change lives powerfully.
  • Linda still needs to find a new doctor.

Rev. Paul J. Bucknell, President, Author, and Instructor

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