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Written by Paul J. Bucknell on March, 02, 2023
Prayer Letter #379

Enlisting Your Prayers

Dear Prayer Partners,

The scene was touching. Two sisters at the end of our home group shared their health struggles. The other sisters gathered around them to lay hands on and pray for them; the men formed a wider circle. How God answers the prayers is up to Him, but indeed He values these scenes and hears their prayers.

One of those sisters is Linda, whose heart enlargement (showing weakness)  has returned with one to two side conditions (e.g., leaky heart valve). She has a consult with an arrhythmia specialist on Monday, March 6th. 

You might remember that the Lord healed her heart about nine years ago. Afterward, she even joined me on a training trip to Taiwan and Burma. Fortunately, there is no pain, and she can sleep at night. With the results from Linda’s tests—though she couldn’t take the stress test because her blood pressure was too high, she will need to slow down through medication, being the only way to encourage the heart to heal itself.

Enlisting Your Prayers

We thank you for all your prayers that have kept us going through these many years! Our lives and ministries are never shielded from life’s challenges and rewards, but at the same time, we see the body of Christ, including you, an important part of this ministry.

Renew Your Life Through Daily Devotions: Quality Time with God: Book 1


  • Though we don’t like visiting doctors, we appreciate their wisdom and labor.
  • God wisely involves Himself in our life circumstances. God is good!
  • Thanks for your prayers over all these years!
  • Praise the Lord! Our website readership went over 30,000 pages a day in February!

Please Pray


  • Pray for the healing of Linda’s heart, wise oversight by her doctors, and peace in the process. Monday morning, March 6th is her appointment.
  • Paul will preach at RCCC, a local Chinese church (English service), on March 12.
  • Paul has regularly been working on the upcoming book on church unity. Still much wisdom and perseverance are needed.
  • “Renew Your Life” soft copy (pdf) is out, but the paperback faces a few delays.

Rev. Paul J. Bucknell, President, Author, and Instructor

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