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Written by Paul J. Bucknell on November, 17, 2021
Prayer Letter #360

In Everything Give Thanks!

Dear Prayer Partners,

Sometimes, it’s easy to give thanks, such as our coming family reunion over Thanksgiving here at southern Virginia’s Christian Leadership Renewal Center. We thoroughly appreciate the beauty of each day, touched by the flaring colors when the sun drops its distant light on the changing leaves.

However, the apostle’s “everything” includes testing times when we need to wait upon the Lord by faith patiently. Our informal talks went well—thanks for your prayers. But this also means the CLRC board will start looking for buyers of their property.

Part of CLRC’s shoreline

As for now, nothing is changed for us. We plan to remain here for some months while things are worked through. Because CLRC is a non-profit, the money will go to similar 501(c)3 ministries. Meanwhile, we will thank the Lord that He has all in control and ask you to continue to pray for our next steps.

On the BFF side, God is giving us a flurry of exciting training resources, though experiencing some unsettledness. First, I was writing one series, but then, suddenly, a larger series/project popped up, dovetailing with the first. Numerous times, I have cried to the Lord to help me not be overwhelmed. My mind sometimes feels like a tipped-over file cabinet with all its scattered papers. I have found that it somehow works out if I take a day at a time and focus on what is right before me, writing and creating slides on what He is teaching me.

All of this is tremendously exciting and targets some of the most challenging issues Christian training faces. Below are a few sample slides.

Three of many recent slides


  • Another one of our children got the virus but is now much better.
  • The CLRC board has had good informal talks.
  • The Lord continues to feed Paul many engaging ideas and thoughts about Christian training.
  • God willing, all our children’s families will join us here for Thanksgiving! How many?
  • The October pastor’s seminar that we attended refreshed us.


  • An ever-growing trust in our Lord’s sovereign control over our lives.
  • Pray for us as we look to the Lord for our next steps. (This does not mean any changes for BFF ministry.)
  • December 9-11 workshop, Revive Your Life and Ministry Through God’s Word. Video | Flyer
  • CLRC’s board meeting will finalize decisions on Dec 7th.
  • BFF’s board meeting on Dec 14th.
  • Pray for Rebirth, Repentance, Renewal, and Revival!
  • Let CLRC host your small group, youth group, church retreat, personal/family get-away, or join one of our upcoming CLRC seminars.

Rev. Paul J. Bucknell, President, Author, and Instructor

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