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Written by Paul J Bucknell on October, 22, 2019
Prayer Letter #334

Managing Well

Dear Prayer Partners,

Preaching, teaching, and developing articles are the usual activities of any given month, this month I have added “manager” to the list. Part of BFF’s vision is to distribute resources worldwide, but this requires extra effort when involving different language translations.

So what did I need to “manage” this month?” Well, right now, I am the only person all the translators talk to and work through. So I am connecting with translators in Tanzania, Australia, Democratic Republic of Congo, USA, a couple in India, and Myanmar. It is all wonderful, but it can be overwhelming!

BFF books translated into different foreign languages like Hindi, Chinese, Bengali, and Swahili.

The upside is that BFF’s resources are being translated and distributed in different languages. The downside is that all the details and questions must go through me, or the projects get bogged down. I need to clarify our expectations and standards but also, in most cases, create the graphics and shape the translation into a book to be published. I still face huge problems with Bengali and Burmese. These translators tell me that when he (or I) produce a pdf from the original, a few letters don’t appear right. This creates a huge slowdown.

This results in more created and distributed resources in different languages. This is all the more exciting when we hear that internet usage is swelling in third world countries due to cheap smartphones. We are speaking of hundreds of millions more being able to access our foreign and English resources through the web. Pray for those in third world countries printing and distributing our resources.

Thanks so much for your wonderful prayers and support.


  • Been able to see numerous translations completed or almost done.
  • I am excited about the different articles that the Lord has graciously given me to write in the last months. (See our new website!
  • Safety as I work on some demanding outside projects (in our yard and house) before the season turns cold and wet.
  • Though my hard drive was unrecoverable, I was able to gain copies of the three missing sessions!


  • Our son, Daniel, and Meredith are getting married on November 2.
  • Keep praying for our financial support as we are two+ months behind.
  • This coming weekend (Oct 26-27), I am speaking three times at a mission conference.
  • I just found some rotten wood up under a corner of our house. Pray for a cost-effective repair before the winter.
  • For continued wisdom, as I write, speak, and discern where I should put my main efforts.

Rev. Paul J. Bucknell, President, Author, and Instructor

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