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Written by Paul J. Bucknell on October, 09, 2020
Prayer Letter #347

PrayBFF347 Developing Fall Ministries

Dear Prayer Partners,

Although the CLRC (Christian Leadership Renewal Center) is sometimes very quiet, we have had several guests! Welcome to all! Since moving here, we have added the internet to the main building, and though nothing like our fiber optic in Pittsburgh, we can use it with Zoom to minister around the world!

The Ministry

Last night, we started premarital counseling with a Chinese seminary couple. For the next two Friday evenings, Paul will be speaking in Chinese on the Holy Spirit using Zoom to the small groups at a Chinese church. (How I wish for the gift of tongues!) On the following Sunday (Oct. 18th), Paul will preach at the same church but in English.

The Future

We feel like we are in limbo, half in and half out. Not much need to unpack our things because the Center is nicely outfitted—and yet there are some things we like or want to use. The question in the back of our minds is: where do we go at the end of the year? We are nicely situated here on the shore of a lake at the NC/VA border. With the help of others, Paul has put together a business plan for the future, if God wills that we stay here longer. Our active serving days are limited so seek God’s will. Two critical board meetings coming up:

BFF — end of this week

CLRC — week of Oct 26

The Other Items

We are thankful that things have slowed down. We thoroughly enjoy the mild fall weather. On the best of days, Paul enjoys spending about 1 hour, pruning, fixing, and maintaining the beautiful property here. Linda has loved cooking for her guests. Meanwhile, there is lots to do in these upcoming weeks.


  • Premarital counseling has begun!
  • Thank the Lord for the wonderful focus Paul has had to prepare talks and write.
  • The CLRC business plan is near completion.
  • Linda and I can enjoy quiet meals inside or outside, overlooking the lake.


  • Paul speaks twice in Chinese on the Holy Spirit at a church in the greater Raleigh area Oct 9 and 16. (I mention in Chinese so you will pray extra for my fluency!)
  • Preparation and guidance for BFF annual board meeting this coming weekend.
  • Paul preaches on Oct 18th.
  • Paul presents the ministry/business plan for CLRC in the last week of October.
  • Pray for people to find God’s renewal when they visit the Center.
  • Premarital counseling takes place every 2 weeks or so.

Rev. Paul J. Bucknell, President, Author, and Instructor

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