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Written by Paul J. Bucknell on October, 16, 2021
Prayer Letter #359

Searching for God’s Will

Dear Prayer Partners,

You might be wondering why we are writing prayer letters more often. It’s simply because we need your focused prayers. We value your prayers as the time comes closer to making a decision affecting the next stage of our life.

I’ve never quite finished the 300-page book on God’s will and success that I began around 2015. The Lord has me writing on things that I’ve experienced and evidently wants to add this chapter on seeking God’s will. But with all the global upsets, I’m considering a new title, “Searching for God’s Will at the End of the Age.” Alarming global changes are forcing people to reconsider their life’s purpose, hopefully, better gauging God’s purposes for them. That’s good.

In the next weeks, several informative discussions on the future of the Christian Leadership Renewal Center (CLRC) will take place. This will help in coming to a final decision on CLRC’s future: transition to our leadership or sell the property. Over this past year, we have become convinced BFF, with its many and varied resources would nicely blend with CLRC’s facilities and leadership training goals. However, with Covid restrictions and our need to prepare and equip things here, we have not had many people come through. So pray with us as we discern whether God really wants us here long-term or just to move on; I can continue BFF ministry from almost anywhere.

Searching for God's will

Although we are eager for this decision to be made so that we can settle and focus, we have found that waiting is an important part of finding God’s will. We have time to discover His purposes, treasure Him above other things, and settle our hearts to carry out His plans.

God’s will is good and perfect (Rom 12:1-2), never to be feared, and always bravely sought, so please stand with us in prayer as the final decisions for CLRC are made and God’s will is accomplished.

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  • Two more of our children got the virus but are recovering well.
  • The Lord inspired Paul with insights into the reasons for the biggest logjams Christianity faces today. The lack of unity is linked to poor training.
  • We get to visit Rebekah and Joshua for their birthdays this coming weekend!
  • Linda and I are attending a pastors’ seminar this coming week. Pray for good times in getting to meet God’s people and be refreshed in His Word.
  • There is a good possibility that the well-driller will come next
  • week. (But pray!)


Rev. Paul J. Bucknell, President, Author, and Instructor

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