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Written by Paul J. Bucknell on May, 31, 2021
Prayer Letter #354

Let the Seminar/Workshops Begin!

Dear Prayer Partners,

Seminars at Christian Leadership Renewal Center (CLRC) begin in June! Linda and I have worked hard preparing for this place to be put to good use. We are glad to offer training in the USA. It’s been a crazy time around the world, making it impossible to hold pastor seminars overseas.

Join our Overcoming Anxiety seminar!

You or other Christian leaders (not just pastors) can take advantage of these training programs. Please help us by letting others know. CLRC is beautifully situated on the Virginia/North Carolina border. The seminar is limited to about 20, and includes both lodging and meals. Overcoming Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering God, June 24-26 (see short video). The seminar combines Biblical teaching with practical application, learning how to handle everyday stresses and even panic attacks. Building a Great Marriage (July 8-10) works out Biblical teaching in practical ways to help you have a great marriage. Paul will take and share all that he has learned from these past years, addressing particular needs and questions of the participants. Due to unreliable internet, we will not offer this seminar/workshop through the internet.

Consider attending our Building a Great Marriage seminar! (couples only)

Please pray for India. I mentioned India’s horrible covid attack in the last letter; since then, Northeast India has also suffered a horrible typhoon with severe flooding—even six days after it has passed by. Anything you want to support these pastors and Christian families, I will forward it all to Pastor Jagannath to distribute in India.

Do pray and consider giving to India's needs.


  • Thanks for praying for the Open House. Although not many people came, we had good representation from various groups and interesting conversations.
  • The pole beans are climbing!
  • The Lord helped Paul preach yesterday in Raleigh.
  • Thank the Lord for ongoing work on the mini-series on Antichrist.
  • Praise the Lord that the first draft of the Chinese translation of our book Building a Great Marriage is completed!


  • Paul is still trying to contact pastors/churches to notify them of upcoming seminars.
  • Pray for 15 people for each seminar and that God would renew them and others through them.
  • This last typhoon in W. Bengal, India compounded the problem of the Covid variant. Please pray and consider donating to our Love offering for India (use check or button below).
  • Paul has many training resources on overcoming anxiety, including a book. Pray that he would help organize and teach in a most helpful way.
  • Pray for us as we step out on the battlefield of truth.

  • Let CLRC host your small group, youth group, leadership meeting, personal retreat, or join one of our newly-planned seminars.

Rev. Paul J. Bucknell, President, Author, and Instructor

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