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Written by Paul J Bucknell on August, 07, 2020
Prayer Letter #344

A Significant Day

Dear Prayer Partners,

Today is a significant day for us. We listed our home of almost 30 years for sale. The babies, ministry, and miracles experienced here are unbelievable. But, it’s time to move on. It was incredibly hard to pack up, both emotionally, physically, and otherwise. We could see how easy it is to stay planted here, but the Lord calls us onward.

Some are asking where we are going. That’s a great question. Today, it was finalized that Linda and I will volunteer to oversee the CLRC (Christian Leadership Renewal Center) on the border of VA and NC until the end of the year. The timing is probably the worst possible, seeing that there might not be any guests due to Co*id, but this also provides an opportunity for the Lord to bring the much-needed renewal in His people’s lives. Paul will share more in forthcoming letters.

We will begin our trek southward to Raleigh later in August, timed with the birth of our daughter Christy’s, fourth child. We will help their family and then help at the Center until the end of the year.

Renewal in the church


  • So thankful that the painting, repairs, etc. are largely completed. We worked as a great team, though terribly weary at times. Paul is very thankful he finally found contractors to do the hard, outside upper story work.
  • Rebekah had a successful move and start in Raleigh.
  • Praise the Lord for friends that came to assist with painting and various jobs.
  • We are grateful for the easy transition of our church (PCCO) responsibilities to others. There are other good preachers and teachers. Someone has been found to replace Linda’s Elementary Sunday School coordinator position. Thankful that BFF’s internet ministry continues on despite the fears of Co**d**. Here’s an example.

I’m almost losing my brother due to anxiety, please help me with any resources that we can give him to help him Christ is our only hope now!! I’ve seen the book but due to the lockdown I haven’t been working I can’t afford the book how to overcome anxiety but it looks like it can help. Please help me help him.

I immediately wrote back giving her two links, one for our Luganda resources that deal with anxiety. (Our free course on Overcoming Anxiety is still available!)

He has access to the internet, and I believe that these resources are going to be so helpful, I’m going to walk with him through using these resources and I’ll stay in touch to keep you updated, so beyond grateful for the Luganda version wow, thank u very much, God bless u!


  • Paul will be preaching at OIF this Sunday (Aug 9) and teaching on Aug 23.
  • Pastor Ko, who was to care for CLRC, will have his cancer surgery late Aug/early Sept. He hopes to continue ministering after the surgery.
  • Christy to have a safe birth.
  • Timely house sale and that the house to be a blessing to others.
  • Paul is praying of soon starting a podcast providing insights to Christian living.
  • Linda loves the idea of hosting at the Center but wonders what if no one comes!
  • Pray for repentance for our country’s rampant immoral ways.

Thanks again for your faithful prayers. As we get older, we feel that each step must be well-guarded with prayer. Having broken my foot several times due to missteps, I am well warned of moving about without God’s blessings (Prov 3:5-6).

Pastor Paul J. Bucknell, President, Author, and Instructor

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