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Written by Paul J. Bucknell on November, 21, 2019
Prayer Letter #335


Dear Prayer Partners,

Last month I mentioned the demand for diversifying BFF Christian resources in other languages. Since then, one new Hindi book and two republished Burmese books are ready for publication. But perhaps, in this letter, I can extend this ‘stretched’ aspect a bit more to give you a better feel for our ministry.

As a ministry, our focus is not just on books, resources, and distribution, but the changed lives of people—renewal. Although I author many books, articles, and web pages, our real focus is on the hearts of the people. Consider the sorrow my heart experiences when I hear of the many special needs among my coordinators and translators.

  • Myanmar (Burma): A key monthly donation for their orphanage has ceased, and now they don’t know how to care for their children. [2010: ]
  • Malawi: Southern Malawi is going through another drought. No food. No money for him or his church. (They are a farming community.)
  • India: The government ‘captured’ an American pastor. Persecution is growing. The present government is attempting to remake India a Hindu nation rather than having equal respect for all religions.
  • Cameroon: Kidnappers took several teachers from the reopened English children’s school. One rescued pastor-teacher just died from his wounds.
  • Philippines, Tanzania, and the Democratic Republic of Congo: Trainers print BFF resources and travel to train pastors but know not where the funds will come from.
  • India: Followup training is needed for two batches of students (but no funds).

And this is just the beginning of a long list of needs. Please pray that I’ll stay close to the Lord to pray and know how to respond. Check out this video [ ] if you want to get a better feel for BFF (Bilingual: English and Chinese).

Thanks so much for your wonderful prayers and support.

Daniel & Meredith's wedding


  • Daniel and Meredith had a beautiful wedding! They live close by.
  • Praise the Lord that the mission conference went well!
  • Praise for the generous giving, our support is much closer to normal.
  • New articles are still coming. (See our new website!
  • Thanks for asking about Linda’s health. Her hand and hip are getting better.
  • Exciting to see some of our Burmese books being republished there.


  • Closeness to the Lord so that these emotional and financial requests are properly worked through.
  • For mentoring opportunities, whether long-distance or personal meetings.
  • Numerous contractors said they would look at my roof but, alas, no one came. I got my 30 ft ladder and stapled plastic over it. I hope it lasts!
  • Pray for Linda and good planning for Thanksgiving meal, which includes many others.
  • Planning to attend Chinese Missions Convention at the year’s end. Pray for the completion of The Life Core: The Heart of Great Training into Chinese. Those who come forward seeking direction into missions will receive a copy.
  • The Lord occasionally prompts me to pray that our resources be used to reach Israel, hoping that it will awaken the Jews to Jesus their Messiah.

Rev. Paul J. Bucknell, President, Author, and Instructor

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