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Written by Paul J Bucknell on December, 31, 2021
Prayer Letter #362

Tragedy and Celebration

It’s easy to become myopic, being focused on our own needs, but I am often jolted awake from my self-coma when I read about the circumstances of some of my coordinators around the world, spiritually and otherwise.

A recent Philippine coordinator’s email shared how the super-typhoon, Odette, hit catastrophically hard around him. Although the news stated the typhoon went north, it brushed the Mindanao northeast (where he lives). The super-heavy winds and rains devastated the area, including his and other people in the Christian homes. Rebuilding will take much time and effort.

Super-typhoon devastated northeast Mindanao, Philippines

Another coordinator in India got the c-virus. Five months previously, many pastors died across India. Fortunately, after a week of silence, I just heard that Pastor Jagannath appears better. But still, we are always concerned. Fortunately, I just heard, after a week of silence, that Pastor Jagannath appears better. He has some great words for us.

After a few hours from now, we shall step into another year, filled with uncertainties, and at times, even fearful! Perhaps you wonder, ‘Will I be able to meet the needs of my family?’ ‘What will happen to my deteriorating health?’ Will I get better or worst? Or is 2022 going to be my last year on the earth? These might be part of your apprehensions or battles and yet what’s important is, the Lord who went with us is the same Lord who will go with his people ( Deut 20:28).”

Our time on earth runs short. Be full of good deeds to reflect God’s love which the world so desperately needs. Like the Apostle Paul, may we “lay hold of that for which also I was laid hold of by Christ Jesus” (Phil 3:12).

Celebrating a huge increase of BFF web pages being read, greater than 7 million!

We had an excellent chance to visit our Pittsburgh churches, family, friends, and supporters—though admittedly brief. Some we missed. Many are asking how things are with us. We appreciate your prayers. The CLRC board decided to go ahead with the sale; the realtor is just waiting for a signature to move ahead.

Linda and I still have crazy confidence in God’s will—though we have less confidence where we will end up! However, God has His timing. Three events happened this week to keep us more puzzled than ever: a significant donation to purchase, seeing people interested in this place, and a surprising suggestion. I can’t be more specific but please remember key decisions are being made. Keep those flames of prayer ascending before the Lord.


  • How wonderful that, just before the end of the year, BFF page views surpassed 7 million!
  • The two board meetings went well.
  • We could celebrate Christmas with family and friends up north and down here!
  • The Lord deepens our relationship with Him by repeatedly having us entrust our lives to Him.


  • For God’s people and others who suffer from any of these storms.
  • The CLRC board decided to sell the property; pray for the next steps for the board and us.
  • Still seeking God’s place of ministry for us.
  • The well still isn’t replaced!
  • Pray for Rebirth, Repentance, Renewal, and Revival!

Rev. Paul J. Bucknell, President, Author, and Instructor

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