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Written by Paul J. Bucknell on June, 28, 2021
Prayer Letter #355

True Freedom

Dear Prayer Partners,

Wow! So much to share. First, thank you for your prayers. The first seminar held here at CLRC was fantastic! God heard your prayers and helped us all along the way. Linda did all the cooking/clean-up for 6 meals (with some help from the ladies) and prepped rooms for sleeping. God helped Paul to condense the Overcoming Anxiety resources from 10 lessons to four clear presentations. The Lord provided great weather so everyone could enjoy our beautiful lake location, badminton, ping pong, kayaking, swimming, etc. God even sent a rainbow on the lake and a full moon reflecting on the lake at night. We were exhausted but saw some signs of healing and spiritual renewal.

Our English seminar Building a Great Marriage (July 8-10) is not far off.

Watch this introductory video here:

Consider attending our Building a Great Marriage seminar! (Christian ministry couples only)

Part of the reason that the next seminar is scheduled so soon to go to Pittsburgh to help our daughter, Elizabeth, when she gives birth near the end of July. We also hope to visit our Moms in New England. It has been almost 2 years since we last saw them.

I want to thank those who have prayed and given financially for our brothers and sisters in India. Here is a video that clarifies how God strengthened the KMM team to extend further help to the suffering. Watch here:

Pray for the challenge I have to preach on true freedom this coming Sunday, July 4th. Our country is turning in every direction but toward God. We trust in all sorts of social, political, and economic gimmicks—many of them negatively impacting the church. May God’s message from John 8:32 steers the hope of God’s people beyond culture to Christ. “You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free” (John 8:32).

A video of an eagle taking off from the CLRC center.

 A video of an eagle taking off from the CLRC center.


  • We are amazed at how God so wonderfully brought this first seminar together.
  • The pole beans have reached about 15 feet up to the higher deck.
  • The Lord helped Paul prepare and teach the messages on Overcoming Anxiety.
  • We had some significant conversations with attendees.
  • Thank the Lord for the prayers and financial gifts to help the Indian brethren further aid those devastated by Covid and the typhoon.
  • Thank the Lord for protection from a 25’-30’ tree that fell over the driveway. No one was walking there (just before the seminar).


  • The next seminar on Building a Great Marriage is only two weeks away! Ask the Lord to bring 6 Christian leadership couples and that He would minister to them.
  • Paul is working with the translator to complete the Chinese version of Building a Great Marriage.
  • Pray for Paul as he preaches July 4th on True Freedom.
  • Pray for a safe delivery for Elizabeth and healing for grandson James, who’s had several ear infections.
  • Strength and wisdom as Linda and I serve those coming to the seminars.

  • Let CLRC host your small group, youth group, leadership meeting, personal retreat, or join one of our newly-planned seminars. Take a look at all our 2021 offered seminars here:

Address: Paul & Linda’s address: 191 Lost Forest Rd, Bracey, VA 23919

Rev. Paul J. Bucknell, President, Author, and Instructor

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