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Written by Paul J Bucknell on January, 22, 2024
Prayer Letter #389

Time Flies!

Dear Prayer Partners,

I can’t believe it’s been six weeks since I last wrote. We need your prayers!  So much is happening. Switching calendar years requires many more office and online organizational tasks. We’ve also had good family time, spending more time together and individually. I (Paul) recently flew to New Hampshire to accompany Linda’s Mom, now 90, to come be with us for several weeks. We all like that!

I have also been planning a lot, especially with brothers in India and Malawi. I’m glad to say that I will have a Zoom Seminar again this year with the same small group of pastors in India, but this time, we will focus on leadership training. Due to constant threats of persecution, we are happy to work with a small group and record the events for others.

It’s like a big joke. I have held maybe five Zoom calls trying to connect with the two Christian leaders in Malawi. But one person loses connection each time, usually due to heavy rains. At least we have progressed and have some basic plans on digital paper!


  • Our BFF board meeting, though delayed, went well. We are going strong even after 23 years!
  • Praise the Lord that someone has committed to give monthly. 
  • Paul has moved ahead on the big project, An Examination of Our Theological Conclusions, and is now in the home stretch.
  • Our living situation is stable.


  • For grace as Paul starts teaching once a week on Tuesday, Jan 23rd, with translation via Zoom to pastors in India. 
  • Linda’s ankle still has some discomfort, and it has for several weeks.
  • Maybe by God’s grace, Paul can finish the draft of the above book by the end of January. 
  • Wisdom as we try to understand the best way to train leaders in Malawi. Basic plans are being made. 
  • Here is a recent report from Myanmar (Burma). “Civil war is escalating in the north. A testimony from an evangelist returning home (roads are closed). “Mg called me by phone and told me that the Lord had given new strength to walk very well on foot and that they had already passed two villages. Because of the Gospel they are marching in rural areas on foot. We need to remember them in prayer that the power of the Holy Spirit will be seen as soon as they arrive in their respective areas.””

Pastor Paul J. Bucknell, President, Author, and Instructor

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